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About Tim

For over 20 years Tim Lewko has worked with senior leaders of Private Equity, Mid-Cap, and Multi-National companies and Business Units to assist in resolving their strategic growth and profitability challenges.  Experience in  NA, SA, EUR and ASIA.


He believes senior executives should not "outsource their strategic thinking" and instead use a common decision making process to set and implement their strategies and align employees to focused common goals. 


He has assisted private, public, family and PE owned clients in strategic and implementation projects including: Apria, Baxter, Electrolux, La-Z-Boy, CorVel, Kennametal and Franke among others.


Issues companies are focused around include:


•Where to grow and How to grow

•Increasing share value and profitability

•Allocating portfolio resources and priorities

•Optimizing company portfolios for profitability

•Improving performance on competitiveness

•Developing the best CEO/ board for the future

Tim is a trusted advisor with a seasoned global perspective and a long-term view. Many of the clients Tim follows have been working together with him and TDG for more than 15 years.

I Help Companies
Simplify Strategy
+ Grow EBITDA 



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President and Chief Executive Officer 


Tim Lewko was brought on board because we needed a common approach to strategy that was practical, decision based and integrated financials. In addition, rather than name brand consultants we wanted a strategy process that forced our executives to sweat through tradeoffs and own implementation. Tim’s shares the approach we embedded in our business units to drive performance.

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Chief Executive Officer and Director

Having subscribed to the methodology illustrated in the book; successfully defining, executing and achieving strategy becomes much more clear and attainable. Strategy moves from opaque to transparent, as well as easily communicated throughout the company.

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Chairman of the Board, CEO and President

Tim Lewko is a straight talking thought leader on the power of effective strategic planning. This book provides a formula for taking strategic planning out of the retreat format and establishing it as the foundation for business success. This is hard work, but it’s easier than turning around a failing business.

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